Welcome to the TBM Avengers Archive

Welcome to the TBM Avengers Archive supported by the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum (located near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada). You will find detailed information about Grumman Avenger Aircraft used by Forest Protection Limited, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, as well as information regarding Avengers which have been used in New Brunswick in aerial application programs from other parts of Canada and the USA.

This is a history of Forest Protection Limited’s association with some 88 TBM Avenger aircraft used in the spruce budworm aerial spray program, primarily in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. This text is based on my own Web site of the same name and has been compiled from many sources. From the late 1950s to the early 1980s, Avengers were contracted by FPL from all over the United States and Canada. FPL purchased many of those same Avengers in the establishment of its own fleet, which at one time had the most working Avengers flying at any one time in the World. Although FPL’s Avengers were gradually replaced by the AT803, they continued to be used as fire bombers well into the 2000s. The last Avenger left FPL in 2012.

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to the TBM Avengers Archive

  1. Chris. Great effort you have put in here. I keep coming back to see what is new and also refresh my old memory. In the details on MUE there are many photos with a long canopy right up to the end. But, there are 2 or 3 photos with a short canopy dropping down behind the red anti-collision light. Seems very strange to me? There were two 4s, two 14s, two 15s etc. Were there two 18s and one had a short canopy and those photos are not MUE? The photos are “TBM # 18 at Dunphy 1987” and “Skyways TBM # 618.”

    1. Believe it or not, Barrie, I just saw this post a few minutes ago! A quick look did show me the two canopy types. I’m gonna check it out. Thanks.

  2. Further to my earlier post regarding the name HAWES showing up on your site as pilot of KCH in 1966 and it possibly being in error. It was actually MY error. I had been missing some of his logs which I subsequently found and indeed he WAS spraying with KCH in the summer of ’66 so the entry is correct. In fact he also sprayed with KCF in ’64 and IMM in ’65 after which he went fire bombing in Kamloops with KCF midway through June of 1965.. Entries also show him spraying with IMM in ’68 and as late as ’69 with IMO and IMX.. seems he had been flying rotary in between the spraying seasons. There are only three flights noted in May of 70 on IMX,, It appears he lost control on take off, damaging the prop. Thereafter all his entries are on rotary a/c

  3. My husband flew TBM’s on the aerial spray program in 1962 and ’63. I notice on your site you have no pilots names listed for those years. He died 11 years ago but I have all his log books and have been recording dates. If you would like the registrations of the TBM’s he flew in Dunphy (and some in Abbotsford) and dates for your website I would be happy to provide them…. His name was Harold Hawes. I notice you have a Hawes listed for 1966 having flown CF-KCH..It is quite possible of course there could have been another pilot by that name but my “Harold Hawes” was by then flying helicopters and I was wondering if it might be an error.

    1. Hazel, There is no information in the FPL files for 1958 through the sixties, so any info you have would be much appreciated. A list of locations, aircraft and pilots would be valuable info, as I have not been able to find any of this. I am now gearing up to work on this for the winter, after having taken some time off, so please contact me.

      1. Hi Chris…. In reply to your recent e-mail….. Pretty well all the info I have is what I stated in my previous e-mail to you dated March 3, 2013 at 9:14 p.m.. I am going out of town tomorrow and will be away for a week. When I return I will look through Harold’s logs again to see if there is any other information which might be helpful to you and if so I will forward on….. Other than Harold’s own experiences on budworm I don’t have names or relevant details of any other pilots who flew on budworm during that time, other than names Harold casually mentioned while relating stories of the spraying operations to me. Hazel

  4. Regarding the request to use the Avenger pictures in my Flickr photostream (photostream of gordonhunter, first page). You’re wecome to use it. I have a couple more of them in flight but of lesser quality. If you’re interested in seeing them I’ll post them on Flickr at least till you can download them. As for the one you requested, I took it around 1958 at an airshow in Wetaskiwin Alberta if memory serves but after 50+ years it is not perfectly reliable.

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