Excuse the mess

This blog is undergoing a major reconstruction, so things will be up in the air for awhile (excuse the pun).

Update: The mess is mostly cleaned up now, with almost all the pages updated. Many new images have been added, and this process will continue for some time to come.

2 thoughts on “Excuse the mess

  1. I flew with Harold in 69 or 70 on a spray run out of Dunphy. No sure but i think it was IMO as it still had a seat in back. He didn’t know I was there till we got out on the block !!!
    Buck Innis
    Mech. with Woodlands Aviation

  2. Hi Christopher,
    In reply to your e-mail and regarding my husband. Harold Hawes.
    He began flying TBM’s in early May 1962 with familiarization and practice drops in Abbotsford on KCL then on May 19 headed for Dunphy with IMM, arriving there on May 22 . It seems he sprayed around Dunphy with IMM until the end of June then took the machine back to Abbotsford/Smithers area to do some fire bombing.
    In 1963 He was back spraying again in Dunphy this time with IMV. In early July/’63 however he flew KCL out to Prince George for fire bombing and used both KCL and MUD for that purpose.
    In the 1964 season he went to Dunphy spraying again, this time on KCH then on June 27 flew KCH with Pete Deck as passenger to Kapuskasing. The months of July & Aug. of ’64 he was fire bombing and practicing same in Smithers again with KCH.
    The summer of 1965 he sprayed in Juniper with IMM then in July went fire bombing in Kamloops with KCF until the end of that season.
    On May 22, 1966 he flew KCH back from Abbotsford to Juniper and used it for spraying around Dunphy/Juniper area. He ended that season with a short flight from Dunphy to Fredricton in MUD on June 19.
    He did not fly TBM’s in 1967 but started again in 1968. On May 22,‘68 he set out with IMM again from Abbotsford to Dunphy and sprayed with it around Dunphy, St. John, Stephenville until the end of July of that year.
    In the 1969 season he went spraying again in Dunphy with IMO then flew IMX from Dunphy to Deer Lake NFLD on June 27th. and continued to spray there until July 27 at which time he flew IMX to St, Jean Que.
    In 1970 (May 23rd.) he flew IMX from St. Jean to Dunphy to start the spraying season. There is a short flight noted in his log from Dunphy to Chipman on May 23, then on what looks like May 28th he lost control while taking off from a muddy strip and bent up the prop on IMX.
    That apparently ended the spraying season for him and for that matter he never flew TBM’s again after that. He had been flying other fixed wing a/c but mostly helicopters in between the spraying seasons and all his flying was done only on helicopters after 1970.

    Your website shows him as having flown the TBM’s in ’66, ’69 and ’70 so hope this might fill in some of the blanks as to dates and aircraft registrations.

    Hazel Clare

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