Many minor changes

I’ve made numerous minor changes to the history pages of this TBM site, including correcting typos and checking links. Next to tackle will be the individual aircraft pages, which I hope to do in the next week or two. Cheers from New Brunswick, and I hope all of you continue to enjoy this history archive.

3 thoughts on “Many minor changes

  1. Great work Chris!! I really enjoy the history of these aircraft and it is good that it is written and responded to by so many. I myself still hope to break away from home here in Oregon and head to New Brunswick to visit the latitude – longitude of the place 22A crashed. Perhaps there a scrap piece of aluminum or maybe it was buried although that seems unlikely. Five decades of history ago and so much is being lost. Even the second generation from those days in getting well up into years as I can refer to myself now being 74 years of age. Luckily I still enjoy pretty good health and so hope by next fall I do that search.

    Thanks again for all your dedication and hard work. Be sure to know that if I can add anything substantial I will promptly forward it to you.

    Be well and enjoy a wonderful Christmas,


    Norman Ralston
    Director of Aircraft Sales
    Aero Air, LLC/Corsair Two, LLC
    2050 NE 25th Avenue
    Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
    Phone: 503 640 3711
    Fax: 503 681 6513
    Mobile: 503 793 6987

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