A major tidying of the Avenger archive

I’ve just completed a major overhaul of the site, with every page visited. Many minor edits were completed, and a few images added (and a couple deleted). All links were checked and confirmed (or updated) and links to Aerial Visuals were added to each Avenger history page. I am waiting for Library and Archives Canada to send me accident reports from prior to 1991. There are several other tasks on my list, but that’s going to be it for quite a while! Next task in the New Year: the Stearman sister site.

NEW IMAGES (that I can think of)
1) USA – N3215G, N4168A, N7075C and N9590Z
2) F Series – FBQS (images, update on museum), FBQT (update on museum), FKCJ, FKCK, FKCL and FZYC.
3) G Series – GFPP, GFPS, GLEG (FKPJ) and GLEQ.

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