New facts gleaned from accident cards

Some time a a reader posted a question about why were there two aircraft that crashed near Harrison Lake, BC, 7 July 1961. Eventually I managed to track down a series of Department of Transport (Canada) accident cards that were archived at Library and Archives Canada HERE. These cards cover all types of aircraft, from commercial passenger jets to ultra-lights. There is one pdf per year, and researchers can find cards for Beavers, Otters, TBMs, Stearmans, and many more.

The cards for the first two series of TBMs, FA/FB and FIMx, have been examined, revealing a couple of mistakes erroneously reported elsewhere, including my site, namely that both CF-IML and CF-MSX crashed 7 July 1961 near Harrison Lake, BC. In fact, the correct crash evidence places CF-MSX at that location and date, and not CF-IML. Here is the correct info for CF-IML:

1) CF-IML crashed near Salmon Creek (near Chipman), 4 miles northwest of Minto, NB, on 13 June 1960. Pilot Richard Owen was killed.

Also, 2) CF-IMQ crashed 10 June, 1958, not 1 June, and 3) CF-IMS crashed 20 June, 1960, not 21 June.

Another interesting fact revealed by the cards concerned a ferry on 20 June 1960 to Quebec from Dunphy, NB, at the end of the spray season, which involved the crashes in two different locations in Quebec of two Wheeler TBMs as a result of encountering the same weather disturbance. These are CF-IMS (see date change at 3) above, and 4) CF-IMT, a crash that was not known to me before this.

More to come!

2 thoughts on “New facts gleaned from accident cards

  1. Thanks Chris. I really enjoy you dedication to authentication of the lifes of these TBM/F. Your doin a fantastic job.


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