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A major tidying of the Avenger archive

I’ve just completed a major overhaul of the site, with every page visited. Many minor edits were completed, and a few images added (and a couple deleted). All links were checked and confirmed (or updated) and links to Aerial Visuals … Continue reading

New Avenger Images

I’ve just added some new images and updates to several U.S. and Canadian Avengers. Most  come from images posted to the Facebook sites TBM’s – Mil & Civ and Forest Protection Alumni. FBEF  A new and better crash image. FBQT … Continue reading

U.S. Plains, Eastern and Southern Mountain States

The following is divided into three groups: Eastern States – Connecticut Plains States – Texas and Kansas Southern Mountains – Utah, Arizona and Nevada USA EASTERN STATES – CONNECTICUT AND NEW JERSEY CONNECTICUT Simsbury Flying Service, Simsbury Airport, Simsbury, Connecticut … Continue reading

Other Canadian Companies


Aerial Spray Program – 1958 to 1993

Sources for details of the Forest Protection Limited (FPL) / Department of Natural Resources (DNR) come from both organization’s annual reports. Additional details come from an unpublished draft report to FPL by William Seto, A History of Forest Protection Limited … Continue reading

CF-BQT / Hicks & Lawrence #21 / N7858C #85 #D17 / Bu# 91171

Warbird Registry Aerial Visuals Early History United States Navy. 1945 Grumman TBM-3U. Construction #: 4076. U.S. Forest Service, Davis, CA, N107Z, 1956-1959. There are two images of N107Z in this article: “Wings of the Forest Service”. William T. Larkins and … Continue reading

TBMs – FA/FB SERIES (Canada)

53784 FAGL Conair  603* 86244 FAGN Conair / FPL 607 / 7 53209 FAXS Norfolk 2 / B2 / B17 53829 FAYG Norfolk  5 / B20 86091 FAYL Norfolk xx 53078 FBEF/FJJC/N68683 Hillcrest / Miramichi 110 / A25 85983 FBEG … Continue reading

TBM Avengers in New Brunswick 1958 to 2012

FPL owned a total of 30 TBM Avengers, but because of crashes offset by purchases, never had any more than a maximum of 25 (D. Henry and  C. Dixon of FPL). A few facts: First thoughts on using TBMs for … Continue reading