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FBQT / Hicks & Lawrence #21 / N7858C / Bu# 91171

Warbird Registry Info. Early History United States Navy. 1945 Grumman TBM-3U. Construction #: 4076. U.S. Forest Service, Davis, CA, N107Z, 1956-1959. Reregistered as N7858C, #85, Aug. 1959 Parsons Airpark Inc, Carpinteria, CA, #85, 1963-1964 T.A. Underwood, Buckeye, AZ, 1964. Aerial … Continue reading

New Avenger Images

I’ve just added some new images and updates to several U.S. and Canadian Avengers. Most  come from images posted to the Facebook sites TBM’s – Mil & Civ and Forest Protection Alumni. FBEF  A new and better crash image. FBQT … Continue reading

U.S. Plains, Eastern and Southern Mountain States

The following is divided into three groups: Eastern States – Connecticut Plains States – Texas and Kansas Southern Mountains – Utah, Arizona and Nevada USA EASTERN STATES – CONNECTICUT AND NEW JERSEY CONNECTICUT Simsbury Flying Service, Simsbury Airport, Simsbury, Connecticut … Continue reading

Other Canadian Companies

ALBERTA Air Spray Ltd., Wetaskiwin, Alberta Air Spray supplied only one TBM for the spray program, which crashed in 1960, its only year in NB. There is no record of its sister aircraft, FKPJ, which went to Sis-Q as N68663 … Continue reading

Pilots and Teams: Aerial Spray Program – 1958 To 1993

Sources for details of the Forest Protection Limited / Department of Natural Resources come from both FPL and DNR annual reports. Additional details come from a draft report to FPL by William Seto, A History of Forest Protection Limited (1952 … Continue reading

TBMs – FA/FB SERIES (Canada)

53784 FAGL Conair  603* 86244 FAGN Conair / FPL 607 / 7 53209 FAXS Norfolk 2 / B2 / B17 53829 FAYG Norfolk  5 / B20 86091 FAYL Norfolk xx 53078 FBEF/FJJC/N68683 Hillcrest / Miramichi 110 / A25 85983 FBEG … Continue reading

TBM Avengers in New Brunswick 1958 to 2012

FPL owned a total of 30 TBM Avengers, but because of crashes offset by purchases, never had any more than a maximum of 25 (D. Henry, C. Dixon). A few facts: First thoughts on using TBMs for aerial spray – … Continue reading