FAGN / Conair/FPL #607 #7 / Bu# 86244

Warbird Registry Info.

Early History

United States Navy. TBM-3E. Construction number 3063.
Sonora Flying Service, Columbia, CA, 1963. Registered as N6826C. Flew as tanker #C53.
John P. Lippott, Salmon, ID, 1963-1966.
Idaho Aircraft Co, Boise, ID, 1969-1972.

N6826C Sonora FS_ColumbiaCA

Sonora Flying Service TBM N6826C #C53, Columbia, California.

Conair Aviation Ltd., Abbotsford, BC
#607 CF-AGN 1972-1977

Note – Skyway TBM CF-KCJ, which crashed in Washington State in 1969, was also numbered 607. The number was reassigned to CF-AGN in 1972.

Aerial Spray Program – Quebec, NB
1972 – Flew in Quebec in 1972, Pilot Buchanan. 1973 – Did not fly in NB. 1974, 1975 – Flew in NB, Pilot Losee.


TBMs at FPL possibly 1974, including Conair TBMs #605 FIMN, #616 FKCM and #607 FAGN, an FPL TBM (red nose) and 2 Johnson TBMs.


TBM #607 on final approach at Boston Brook, 1975. [Ian White]


FAGN in BC, 1975. [Scalefirebombers

Forest Protection Limited, Fredericton, NB
#607 CF-AGN / #7 C-FAGN 1977-1983

Aerial Spray Program / Fire Suppression – NB
1977 – FPL purchased FAGN from Conair Aviation Limited in August 1977. Pilot Nelson. 1978, 1979 – Pilot Archer. Repainted and renumbered (to #7) to fleet standard after 4 July, 1978. Used for fire bombing both years.

Aerial Spray Program – NB
1980 – Pilot Archer. 1981, 1982 – Pilot Hopping.

Aerial Spray Program / Fire Suppression – NB
1983 – Pilots Hopping and Wood. FAGN was one of a team of 6 TBMs plus one spare that conducted firebombing for the Department of Natural Resources.

Crashed 4 July 1983 on take-off at the end of the runway at Charlo Airport while on a fire-bombing mission. Pilot John Wood was not injured, but the aircraft was a write-off. Cause: possibly a prop fracture (official); gear up too soon on takeoff (unofficial). The gear was selected “up” and the aircraft settled back down on the runway; the prop hit the ground and fractured. The engine was torn off and the aircraft was junked. [FPL Annual Report 1983]

1987 – Registration cancelled by FPL.


Four of the 8 TBMs purchased from Conair in 1977. 5 July 1977, Fredericton, NB. They are #601 FIMI, #602 FIMK, #605 FIMN and #607 FAGN.


TBM #7 (rear) flying with #16 FKCM and #2 FIMK, no date.


FPL TBM #607 FAGN parked beside #605 FIMN at Fredericton, 26 June 1980. (Barrie MacLeod)

Close-up of above image; TBM #7 at Boston Brook, 1981.


FPL TBM #7: the aftermath of the crash.


FAGN accident report summary received by Fredericton Airport control tower (courtesy Barrie MacLeod)


Photo and caption from local newspaper.

One response to “FAGN / Conair/FPL #607 #7 / Bu# 86244

  1. As pilot of the above aircraft, i can assure all readers that the gear was NOT, and I repeat, NOT selected up to early. The aircraft was at least 140 ft in the air, when the blade broke off, causing fire, and immediate departure of the remaining two blades. The aircraft then crashed some 10 to 15 seconds later on the runway.

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