FAYG / Norfolk #5 / Bu# 53829

Warbird Registry Info.

Early History

United States Navy. General Motors TBM-3. Construction #3891. Delivered as Bu 53829.
Pete Fountain, Moscow, ID, 1963-1964. Registered as N9591C.
Sonora Aviation, Carson City, Nevada, flew as #55.


Sonora Aviation #55 N9591C, presumably Nevada in the 1960s. [Jay Sherlock, Scalefirebombers]

Norfolk AIR SERVICES / NORFOLK Aerial Spraying / Simcoe, Ontario
#5 CF-AYG 1971-1975

CF-AYG (cn 3891) Kitchener - Region of Waterloo International (Waterloo - Guelph Regional / Wellington) (YKF / CYKF) More: Canada - Ontario, September 12, 1970 http://www.airliners.net/photo/Grumman-%28General-Motors%29/2253280/&sid=aaf58f2f72721480070b7486ddc02357

CF-AYG at Region of Waterloo International Airport, Ontario, September 12, 1970  [Photo Gary Vincent, Airliners.net]

CF-AYG, Norfolk Air Services, Simcoe, Ont., 1973. [Paul Schaareman]

Paul Schaareman kindly provided copies of several images taken during a visit to Norfolk at Simcoe, Ontario, in 1971. Visit his page HERE. CF-AYG, Norfolk Air Services, Simcoe, Ont., 1973. [Paul Schaareman]

CF-AYG landing at airstrip, Norfolk Air Services, Simcoe, Ont., 1973. (Paul Schaareman)

CF-AYG landing at airstrip, Norfolk Air Services, Simcoe, Ont., 1973. [Paul Schaareman]

Aerial spray program – NB, Quebec
1972 – Flew in Quebec 1972 only. Pilot Falkowski. 1973 – Pilot Falkowski. 1974 – Pilot Inman. 1975 – Pilot McIlwaine.

Norfolk Aerial Spraying, Fredericton, NB
#B20 C-FAYG 1976-1984

Aerial spray program – NB
1976, 1977 – Pilot Losee. 1978 – Pilot Woods. 1979 – Pilot J. Wood. 1980 – Pilot Wood. 1981 – Pilot Harrison. 1982, 1983 – Pilot Farrell. 1984 – Did not fly for FPL in NB. 1985 – Sold to company in North Dakota. Certificate of Registration cancelled.


A great image of C-FAYG #B-20, Hicks & in it’s silver and white colours. Simcoe, Ontario, May 1977. [Mike Ody Collection via George Trussell, Air Britain Photographic Images Collection]


Norfolk #B20, with new bright yellow paint job, in pits at Brockway, 1981.


Norfolk #B20 with faded paint job on runway, 1983.


Norfolk #B20 FAYG at Fredericton, 23 August, 1985. [Barrie Macleod]

Post-spray History

Odegaard Aviation, Kindred, ND, September 1985-1988. Registered as N293E.
Gerald S. Beck/Tri State Warbird Collection, Wahpeton, ND, January 14, 1991-2002. Flown as Marines/53829/CC-89.

One response to “FAYG / Norfolk #5 / Bu# 53829

  1. Wow Great Memories – Flew in the back seat of B20 on the ferry flights to and from Nixon Ontario back in the late 70’s . Jerry Losee was in the front seat Wingmen were Paul Ragany Bill Harisson Frank Gilland Dale Wilkie Can’t remember the rest. I was a rooky maintenance apprentice. Man those were fun times.

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