CF-AYL / Norfolk #– / Bu# 86091

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. General Motors TBM-3E. Construction #: 2910. Delivered to US Navy as Bu. 86091, 1960.
Cisco Aircraft Inc, Lancaster, CA, 1962-1964. Registered as N9307Z. Flew as tanker #E82.
D&D Aero Spraying, Rantoul, KS, 1966-1969.

Norfolk Air Services / Norfolk Aerial Spraying Ltd., Simcoe, Ontario
#– CF-AYL 1970-1973

This aircraft was not numbered. A dash was used in the aircraft number column of the working FPL pilot/team lists. Notable for its distinctive red-and-white colour scheme on the nose.

Aerial spray program – NB, Quebec
1970 – Pilot Retfalvy  1971 – Pilot Sytsma  1972 – Flew in Quebec 1972 only. Pilot Sytsma.

1973 – Pilot Gallagher. Crashed Erroneously reported as crashing on 17 June 1973 in Juniper area during spraying operations. According to the official accident report card (below), the location was 6 miles nnw of Plaster Rock and the pilot was J. Sloane, not Gallagher. The date, however, is correct. FAYL suffered a complete power loss while conducting a low level spray run and crashed in a swamp.

CF-AYL 1973 1
The official accident card for the FAYL crash, 19 June 1973. The pilot is recorded as J. Sloane, not Gallagher, and the location as 6 miles nnw of Plaster Rock.
Another view of the Nylon team at Dunphy airstrip, 1970. Norfolk TBM FAYL; presumably Conair TBM #617 FKCN and Reeder TBM #56 N7076C are at the rear. Pilot Andy Retfalvy is standing at right.

Norfolk TBM FAYL in New Brunswick, 1971. [Merrill McBride]
Norfolk FAYL lined up at airstrip, 1971. The TBM in front of it is Reeder TBM #58 N4168A; the first two are unidentified. #911 (wing) is Maritime Air Service FXON. [Merrill McBride]
FAYL, possibly 1971. [Merrill McBride]
Paul Schaareman kindly provided copies of images taken during a visit to Norfolk at Simcoe, Ontario, in the spring of 1972

CF-AYL at Norfolk Air Services, Simcoe, Ont., spring 1972. (Paul Schaareman)
CF-AYL at Norfolk Air Services, Simcoe, Ont., spring 1972. [Paul Schaareman]
CF-AYL at Norfolk Air Services, Simcoe, Ont., spring 1972. (Paul Schaareman)
CF-AYL at Norfolk Air Services, Simcoe, Ont., spring 1972. [Paul Schaareman]

4 thoughts on “CF-AYL / Norfolk #– / Bu# 86091

  1. Hi Chris,
    No I did not fly TBM’s for Irving. Flew the trush commander for Irving and occasionally a TBM for Andy Retfalvy.
    Sorry I can’t help you any more.

  2. Boy this brings back some old memories. I was the pilot who flew AYL in 71-72
    After that I flew for Irving oil.
    I was in the area when Merrill Mc Bride went down. That was a very sad day. I knew Merrill since he looked after AYL maintenance in 71. He was a real fine person.
    After Irving I joint the MNR in Ontario flying Grumman Trackers for 4 seasons and I finished my carreer as a test pilot with De Havilland for 23 years.
    Also flew in africa for many years during the off season from spraying and fire bombing.

    1. Thanks for sending this note, Louis. It’s great to hear from the “old” pilots. Are you aware that there is a Facebook page devoted to those who worked for FPL? It’s called FPL Alumni, and I’m sure you can find it if you search on Facebook. A fellow called Don McKnight has posted many images.

      By the way, did you fly TBMs for Irving? I’ve been trying to find out more about their aircraft. There’s someone in Oregon who is trying to track down what happened to the remains of N7922A, which crashed in 1966. See the text on that page.

    2. I remember Louis Sytsma from 76/77 with Rob Crewson at Dryden fire base. I kept the attack log from 1976 and we auctioned 222 fires with the Trackers. I think it still may be a record for land based in Ontario. Keith McLaughlin. Air attack Officer

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