CF-IMO / Forest Patrol #508 / Bu# 85833

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. TBM-3S. Construction #: 2652.
Royal Canadian Navy. Avenger AS 3. BOC: June 30, 1950. SOC: Mar. 26, 1958. Flew as #364 for Squadron VS 880.

JD Irving (Forest Patrol Ltd.), Saint John, NB
#508 CF-IMO 1965-1970

1958 – Purchased by J.D. Irving (JDI) in 1958. 1959 – No operations.

1960Crashed 28 May 1960 near Glassville, NB, because, according to the department of Transport accident card, of an engine structure – master rod failure, which caused the engine to stop, resulting in a wheels-up forced landing. Pilot Charles Hardwick was not injured. FIMO was under contract to Wheeler Airlines at the time.

1961-1965 – No information.

Aerial spray program – NB
1966, 1967 Pilot Green. 1968 – No information. 1969 – Pilot H. Hawes. 1970 – There is no record of FIMO flying for FPL in 1970.

Crashed 6 July 1970 near Black Brook Depot, NB, south of Boston Brook airstrip, while ferrying back to St. John for Forest Patrol Ltd. Pilot Larry Gene Myers was not injured. The official cause of the crash was a power loss on takeoff. FIMO was buried at the crash site. The Department of Transport accident card reads: “Shortly after lift off, after the gear was up and locked, power suddenly reduced. Carb heat was applied but power loss decreased further. Pilot opened and closed throttle without effect on engine. Power was unsufficient [sic] to maintain climb-out and a/c sank into woods and crashed.”

JDI TBM #508 FIMO behind Airway Inc TBM #111 N7031C, Dunphy, 1969.

JDI #508 at Saint John, 28 June 1970. [Barrie MacLeod]
FIMO crash site. [Canadian Forest Service]
FIMO crash site. [Canadian Forest Service]

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