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Early History

United States Navy. 1945 Grumman (Eastern) TBM 3, Construction #: 3672.
Royal Canadian Navy. Flew as #303. BOC: July 22, 1950. SOC: Jan. 30, 1958.

In 2003, Forest Protection Limited requested copies of Aircraft History Cards on seven former U.S. Navy Avenger aircraft currently in the FPL fleet from the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. Some of the cards were poorly microfilmed, and are presented below as received.

First USN aircraft history card for BuNo 53610, 1945 to 1946.
Second USN aircraft history card for BuNo 53610, 1946 to 1948.
Third USN aircraft history card (new format) for BuNo 53610, showing that aircraft was stricken from records in 1950.

Wheeler Airlines, St. Jean, Quebec
#501 CF-IMR 1958-1965

Aerial spray program – NB
1958 – Purchased  27 Feb 1958 for $4500. Conversion to spraying, painting, etc. by Fairey Aviation, NS, for $3500. Flew in 1958, but probably used as a spare [Wheeler Airlines Progress Report dated 28 April 1958]. 1959 – No operations. 1960-1965 – No records, but very likely flew in NB for these years.

Wheeler TBMs (front to back) #501 FIMR, #506 FIMW and #502 FIMS, and an unidentified Skyway TBM, Fredericton, 1958.

Wheeler-Northland Airways Ltd, St. Jean, Quebec
#501 CF-IMR 1966-1970

Aerial spray program – NB
1966 – Pilot Fewell. 1967 – Pilot Knudson. 1968 – No records. 1969 – Pilot Jim Holland. 1970 – Pilot Rowe.

Wheeler Northland TBMs #505 FIMV and #501 FIMR, June 1970, location unknown.
Wheeler TBM #501 parked, location and date unknown. Note “501” on wing.
Wheeler Northland TBMs #501 FIMR and #507 FIMX, 1966, location not recorded.
Wheeler Northland TBM #501 FIMR in pits at Dunphy, 1967.

Evergreen Air Service Ltd., Montreal, Quebec
#501 CF-IMR 1971-1976

Aerial spray program – NB, Quebec
1971 – Pilots Breckon and Tomacek. 1972 – Flew in NB and Quebec, Pilot Archer. 1973 – Pilot Archer. 1974 – Pilots Archer, Marcoux and Martindale. 1975 – Pilot Marcoux. 1976 – Evergreen sold #501 to Forest Protection Limited in 1976, one of 2 TBMs sold to FPL (the other was #505 FIMV).

Forest Protection Limited, Fredericton, NB
#E25 #23 C-FIMR 1976-2002

Aerial spray program – #E25 – NB
1976 – FPL purchased #501 in 1 January 1976 for $30,000 from Evergreen Air Services Ltd., Montreal, Quebec. It was renumbered as #E25, the same number as GLEG, which crashed in 1975. Pilot Kelly. 1977 – Pilot Gummer. 1978 – Flew as #25, pilot Tall. Repainted and renumbered (#23) to fleet standard after 4 July, 1978.

Aerial spray program – #23 – NB
1979, 1980 – Pilot Tall. 1981, 1982, 1983 – Pilot Marcoux. 1984, 1985 – Pilot Furey. 1986-1987 – Inactive, in storage at FPL. 1988, 1989, 1990 – Pilot Hyland.

Fire Suppression – NB
1991 – Pilot Gomany. 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995 – Pilot Wood. 1996 – Pilots Doherty and Wood. 1997 – Spare. 1998 – Pilot Doherty. 1999 – Pilot Gomany. 2000 – Pilots Gomany and McKinnon. 2001, 2002 – Pilot Gomany.

Former US President, George Bush Sr., Welcomed to Moncton by WWII-Era Avengers [From an FPL Press Release]

MONCTON, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA – The world’s last operational fleet of Grumman TBM 3-E Avengers was on hand to greet former US president and navy pilot, George Bush Sr., when he touched down at the Moncton International Airport on July 9, 2002.

“When we heard Mr. Bush was coming to town, we thought he might be interested in seeing our Avengers—considering he was an Avenger pilot back in World War II,” says Dave Davies, general manager for Forest Protection Limited—the company that owns the planes. “After a few phone calls to his people in the United States, we were extremely pleased when his chief of staff confirmed that Mr. Bush would like to spend a few minutes looking over our planes when he arrived in Moncton to attend a corporate event.”

Once Bush arrived though, Davies said the former president spent more than the original 10 minutes his staff had scheduled. “As soon as he saw the Avengers, he walked straight over,” said Davies. “He was clearly interested in the planes and impressed that they were in such good condition and still flying. Mr. Bush spent at least 20 minutes talking with the crew. I got the impression he didn’t want to leave.”

After learning how Bush’s exploits as an Avenger pilot in the South Pacific earned him a Distinguished Flying Cross, the crew asked Mr. Bush if he would be interested in buying one of the FPL Avengers since the entire fleet is for sale. Mr. Bush replied that he already had one—suspended from a ceiling in his museum in College Station, Texas.

The crew then asked him to sign one of the airplanes. Bush was a bit surprised when he was asked to autograph Tanker 23. “I don’t think he was expecting that,” said Davies. “He was very accommodating though. He signed the plane, and just as he was about to walk away, he came back and added “41st president of the U.S.’ because he thought people might confuse him with his son.”

2003-2010 – Still operating as fire bomber in New Brunswick, based at the NB Department of Natural Resources Air Tanker Base at Miramichi Airport (formerly called Chatham).

2011 – Inactive

2012 – C-FIMR TBM #23 left FPL for the last time around 1 PM on July 26, on her way to the Shearwater Aviation Museum. Dave Wilson came out of retirement to fly her away. The media was there, so you will be able to find some news shots and clips. FIMR took off, circled and did a flyby before heading out.  It will soon be re-painted back into its former “RCN 303″ paint scheme. See the Canadian Press article “Avenger lands in friendly territory”, which also has a brief video of the departure from FPL.

2013 – On 3 October 2013 the Shearwater Aviation Museum presented the newly restored Grumman TBM Avenger. See the story at Warbirds News.

Aerial Visuals presents some images of the restored Avenger in RCN colours at the Shearwater Aviation Museum, CFB Shearwater, Halifax, NS.

Probably #E25, parked at Blissville, May 1976. This must be FIMR as the previous Avenger numbered E25 (GLEG) crashed in 1975.
TBMs #3 GFPS and #23 FIMR, part of the Raccoon team, in the pits at Sevogle, 1982.
Raccoon lead, Tanker 23. Nordair Captain Claude Marcoux pilots #23 in June 1982 near Sevogle. [The Sevogle Times]
TBM #23 refuelling at Brockway, 1985.
TBM #23 airborne, 1991.
TBM #23 conducting a retardant drop demo, June 1991.
TBMs #23 FIMR, #21 GFPM and #10 GFPT in formation.
Installing and tuning a new engine on #23, June 2004.
Cockpit of TBM #23, Miramichi, 2006.
TBM #23 airborne over the Miramichi River, New Brunswick, August 2000. [Pat Greene, FPL]
TBM #23 parked at Miramichi, 2006.
George Bush signature on TBM #23, 2006.

TBM #23 on runup before leaving FPL on her way to the museum at Shearwater AFB, 26 July 2012.