CF-IMT / Wheeler #503 / Bu# 69347

Warbird Registry [no entry]
Aerial Visuals

We don’t have any images of this aircraft.

Early History

United States Navy. General Motors TBM-3.
Royal Canadian Navy. Delivered to RCN July 1952 as #380. BOC: July 7 1952. SOC Jan 30 1958.

Wheeler Airlines, St. Jean, Quebec
#503 CF-IMT 1958-1963

Aerial spray program – NB
1958 – Converted to sprayer, painting, etc., by Fairey Aviation, Dartmouth, NS. Flew in NB as part of a fleet of 6 Wheeler and 6 Skyway TBMs. 1959 – No operations. 1960-1962 – No records, but very likely flew in NB for these years.

Crashed on takeoff, St. Jovite, Quebec, 2 May 1963, while practicing for spraying.


Department of Transport crash report for FIMT. [courtesy Barrie Macleod]

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