CF-IMW / Wheeler/Evergreen #506 / Bu# 85928

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. General Motors TBM-3S. Construction #: 2747.
Royal Canadian Navy. Avenger AS 3. BOC: June 30, 1950. SOC: Mar. 6, 1958. Flew as #338.

Wheeler Airlines, St. Jean, Quebec, #506 CF-IMW 1958-1965

Aerial spray program – NB
1958 – Converted to sprayer, painting, etc., by Fairey Aviation, Dartmouth, NS. Flew as part of a fleet of 6 Wheeler and 6 Skyway TBMs. Pilot Mason. 1959 – No operations. 1960-1965 – No records, but very likely flew in NB for these years.

Wheeler #506 FIMW parked between Wheeler TBMs #501 FIMR (right) and #502 FIMS, Fredericton, 1958.

Wheeler Northland Airways Ltd., St. Jean, Quebec
#506 CF-IMW 1966-1970

Aerial spray program – NB
1966 Pilot Knudson. 1967, 1968 – Did not fly in NB. 1969, 1970 – Pilot Marcoux.

Wheeler TBMs on ground. #506 FIMW at left, #501 FIMR at right
Wheeler TBM #506 FIMW parked, location and date unknown.

Evergreen Air Service, Roxboro, Quebec
#506 CF-IMW 1972-1975

Aerial spray program – NB, Quebec
1971 – Did not fly in NB. 1972 – Flew in NB and Quebec in 1972. Pilot Kelly. 1973, 1974, 1975 – Pilot Kelly.

Crashed 10 June 1975. (a.m.) TBM #506 FIMW piloted by Dean Kelly and contracted by Evergreen Air Services crashed and burned in the early morning just after take-off approximately ½ mile west of Chipman Airstrip (this detail comes from the FPL Annual Report, but Don Henry writes that it was 1 mile east). Kelly sustained temporary back injuries. The aircraft was destroyed and was later scrapped after stripping for usable parts. After a very cool night, FIMW had frost on the upper wing surfaces, and although the pilot had gotten it airborne, he could not maintain altitude or airspeed.

FIMW accident report summary received by Fredericton Airport control tower. [courtesy Barrie MacLeod]

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