CF-IMX / Wheeler/Wheeler-Northland/Evergreen #507 / Bu# 86098

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. General Motors TBM-3S. Construction #: 2917.
Royal Canadian Navy. Avenger AS 3. Flew as #366. BOC: July 8, 1950. SOC: Jan. 30, 1958.

Wheeler Airlines, St. Jean, Quebec
#507 CF-IMX 1958-1965

Aerial spray program – NB
1958 – Converted to sprayer, painting, etc., by Fairey Aviation, Dartmouth, NS. Part of a fleet of 6 Wheeler and 6 Skyway TBMs. 1959 – No operations. 1960-1965 – No records, but very likely flew in NB for these years.

Wheeler Northland Airways Ltd, St. Jean, Quebec
#507 CF-IMX 1966-1970

Aerial spray program – NB
1966, 1967 – Pilot Zahorsky. 1968 – Did not fly in NB. 1969 – Pilot J. Fewell. 1970 – Pilot Graves.

Wheeler #507 at Fredericton, June 1958. [Canadian Forest Service]
Wheeler #507 spraying over forest, June 1958. [Canadian Forest Service]

Wheeler TBM #507 FIMX parked with 2 others.
Wheeler TBM #507 FIMX posed beside Farm-Air Stearman N1065N, 1958, the first year that Avengers participated in the spray program.

Wheeler-Northland Airways Ltd., St. Jean, Quebec
#506 CF-IMW 1966-1970

Aerial spray program – NB
1966 Pilot Knudson. 1967, 1968 – Did not fly in NB. 1969 – Pilot Marcoux. 1970 – On May 23, Harold Hawes flew IMX from St. Jean, Quebec, to Dunphy, NB, for the start of the spraying season. His flight log records a short trip to Chipman on May 23, then on May 28 he lost control while taking off from a muddy strip and bent the prop. [Hazel Clare, pers. comm.]

Aerial spray program – Newfoundland
1969 – Harold Hawes flew IMX from Dunphy, NB, to Deer Lake, NF, on June 27 and sprayed there until July 27. He then flew IMX to St. Jean, Quebec. [Hazel Clare, pers. comm.]

Wheeler #507 FIMX parked beside # 501 FIMR, 1966.

Evergreen Air Services, Roxboro, Quebec
#507 CF-IMX 1971-1974

Aerial spray program – NB, Quebec
1971 – Pilot Graves. 1972 – Flew in NB and Quebec in 1972. Pilot Gilland. 1973 – Pilot Yaworsky.

1974 – Pilot Becon. Crashed 7 June 1974 on takeoff, Sevogle airstrip, NB. According to the Department of Transport accident card: “The aircraft veered to the left of the runway during takeoff and contacted trees. It made a 360° turn (uncontrolled), put down on the side of the runway and burst into flames.” The aircraft was completely destroyed but pilot Brecon was not injured.

Wreck of FIMX at the side of the recently extended runway at Sevogle airstrip, June 1974, Sevogle, NB. Neville Garrity is examining the wreckage. [Dave Ray]

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