CF-JJB / Richel Air #— / Bu# 86175

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

EARLY History

United States Navy. General Motors TBM-3E, Construction #: 2994, although Goodall (2014) also says “(CCAR and USCR quotes c/n 5979)”.
Royal Canadian Navy. Avenger AS 3M2. Transferred to RCN in May 1952 as #421, later #386. BOC 29 May 1952 with VX 10, SOC 14 May 1958.
[Sources: photo caption on photo from Pettipas 1988 (The Grumman Avenger in the Royal Canadian Navy); US Navy and US Marine Corps BuNos Third Series (80259 to 90019); Barrie McLeod, based on the Bureau # in aircraft record cards]

A page from “The Grumman Avenger in the Royal Canadian Navy” by Leo Pettipas (1988) showing Avengers with RCN numbers 421 and 386. The Bureau # of 386 is clearly readable as 53078, which is CF-JJC. The bureau # of 421 is not visible, but since FJJB and FJJC were the only “high top” Avengers, #421 must be FJJB. [Barrie MacLeod]

Richel Air, St-Jean, Quebec
#– CF-JJB 1958-1966

According to Barrie MacLeod’s research in the Civil Aviation Register for 1961, there were 2 Richel Air Avengers that were former USN then RCN aircraft: CF-JJB and CF-JJC. The latter is BuNo 53078, which became CF-BEF under Miramichi Air Services.

Aerial spray program – NB
1960 – Flew in NB in 1960, based on image below dated 1960.

CF-JJB at Dunphy airstrip, 1960. Note the fairing on the rear belly aft of the tank and the JJB mark under the wing (Don Henry). Writing on the back of the photograph says “From the collection of E.C. McQuinn”.

Postspray History

Ivan Gustin, Lewiston, Idaho. N68684. Crashed in Agrinion, Greece, 16 October 1967.

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