FKCF / Skyway/Conair #614 / Bu# 53554

Warbird Registry Info.

Early History

United States Navy. TBM-3S. Construction number 3616.
Royal Canadian Navy. Avenger AS 3M. BOC: Aug. 19, 1952. SOC: July 5, 1960. Flew in Squadron VU 32.

Skyway Air Services, Langley, BC #614 CF-KCF 1961-69

Aerial Spray Program – NB
1961-1965 – No records, but very likely flew in NB for these years. 1966 – Pilot Sendra. 1967-1968 – Did not fly in NB.

Conair Aviation Ltd., Abbotsford, BC
#614 CF-KCF 1969-71

Aerial Spray Program – NB
1969 – Pilot Kydd. 1970, 1971 – Pilot Smith.

Accident Badly damaged 8 Aug 1971 at Winfield, BC, after throttle linkage broke after take-off from Kelowna. Returned to Abbotsford but written off. [Robert M. Stitt, pers. comm.]

CF-KCF_Conair #614

Posted by John Truran to FPL Alumni on 18 Nov 2015.


Conair #614 at Fredericton, 23 May 1970. [Barrie MacLeod]

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