FKCK / Skyway/Conair #608 / Bu# 53392

Warbird Registry Info.

Early History

United States Navy. TBM-3E Avenger. Construction number 3454.
Royal Canadian Navy. Flew as TF*G 306 with Squadrons VS 881 and VU 32. BOC: June 16, 1950. SOC: July 5, 1960.

Skyway Air Services, Langley, BC
#608 CF-KCK 1960-67

Aerial Spray Program – NB
1961 – Tallied by Larry Milberry May 22, 1961, in Cartierville, Quebec, while en route to NB. 1962-1965 – Probably worked in NB during these years. 1966, 1967 – Pilot Hill.

Crashed 8 August 1967 near Fruitvale, BC; pilot Don Hill was killed.


Skyway #608 spraying, probably in New Brunswick.


Skyway #608 at Dunphy, 1967.

ConAir TBMs parked at Fredericton NB, 5 Jul 1977

Skyway TBM #608 booms off over river, June 1967

TBM #608 Skyway crash_avenger-53392-2_crop

Crash image at Warbirdregistry, Lawrence Schewe via Tim Schewe.

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