CF-MXN / Skyway/Conair #619 / Bu# 53632

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. TBM-3S. Construction number 3694.
Royal Canadian Navy. AS 3M. Flew as #309 and 307 for Squadrons VS 880 and 881. BOC: July 25, 1950. SOC: July 5, 1960.
Canadian Collieries Resources, Vancouver, BC. 1965-1966 – CF-MXN. Did not spray in NB.
Weldwood of Canada Ltd., Vancouver?, BC. No number. CF-MXN 1965. Did not spray in NB. [Weldwood is a manufacturer of wood products with several sawmills in British Columbia and elsewhere. It was founded in 1964.]
Skyway Air Services, Langley, BC. #619 CF-MXN. Did not spray in NB.

FMXN while with Weldwood, Vancouver, British Columbia, August 1966. [William T. Larkins]
Detail showing company name. [William T. Larkins, from an almost identical b&w image of the same aircraft as above]
Skyway #619 FMXN at Abbotsford BC, 28 June 1969. [The National Archive of Transport Travel and Trade]

Conair Aviation Ltd., Abbotsford, BC
#619 CF-MXN 1969-1973

Aerial Spray Program – NB, Quebec
1969 – Pilot Mehlhaeff. 1970 – Pilot Zimmer. 1971 – Pilot Maclaggan. Crashed into river, Kamloops, BC, 31 July 1971, after power loss after takeoff from Kamloops. Recovered and repaired. 1972 – Flew in Quebec. Pilot Grosenick.

Fire Control, British Columbia
1973 – Hit tree after bombing run, Moyie Lake, BC, Aug. 18, 1973; repaired. Crashed  in the Kootenays [no details] later in 1973 after hitting trees and damaging elevators. Full power was needed to keep control, but the aircraft climbed and the pilot bailed out. [Robert M. Stitt, pers. comm.]

Conair #619 FMXN at Fredericton, 23 May 1970. [Barrie MacLeod]
71 Conair T619 FMXN
Conair #619 dropping retardant in BC in 1971. [Gord Bell]

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