CF-XOO / Maritime #922 / Bu# 53488

Warbird Registry [no entry]
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. TBM-3.
Royal Canadian Navy. BOC 25 July 1950. SOC 9 May 1958. Flew as #312 for Squadrons VS 881 and VU 32.
Simsbury Flying Service, CT  – N6586D.

N6586D Simsbury FS_SDASM
From the SDASM Archives. Born digital image of Simsbury N6586D that was acquired by the San Diego Air and Space Museum Repository.

Maritime Air Service, Moncton, NB
#922 CF-XOO 1969

Aerial spray program – Newfoundland
1969 – Pilot Alfred White. Crashed and burned 13 July 1969 on left side of runway at Deer Lake Airport, Newfoundland while doing a formation takeoff. The aircraft was working on the Hemlock Looper spray project for FPL. Pilot White was not harmed. The unburned parts of the aircraft were junked. Don Henry and Steve Holmes watched this aircraft take off. They said that the aircraft was too close to the preceding TBM and got caught in its slipstream. The Department of Transport accident card adds this: “After becoming airborne, when about 30′ above ground, the a/c suddenly went into a steep, uncontrollable left turn. The left wing tip contacted the runway and the a/c impacted on the grass verge then skidded sideways about 500′. It came to rest upright on its under fuselage and burst into flames which completely destroyed it.”

TBM #922 burning. [Don Henry]

 Crash images by Steve Holmes





Newspaper clipping describing the mishap. [courtesy Barrie MacLeod]
Wreckage and crash site of FXOO near the Deer Lake airport. [Barrie MacLeod]
Department of Transport accident report [courtesy Barrie MacLeod]

3 thoughts on “CF-XOO / Maritime #922 / Bu# 53488

  1. I was a pointer on the Nfld project in 1969. We were working an area many miles east of Deer Lake and on the way back saw a large pall of smoke right where the airport should be. What a horrible feeling, not knowing if one of our team had bought it.
    Dave Newcombe

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