CF-ZTA / Miramichi #716 / Bu# 53351

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. TBM-3. Construction #: 3413.
Harold Parkhurst, Managua, Nicaragua, 1963-1969. Registered as N7411C.
James R. Seel, Douglastown, New Brunswick, 1969-1970. Registered as CFZTA.

Miramichi Air Service Ltd., Douglastown, NB
#716 CF-ZTA 1971-1974

Miramichi Air Service was operated by Andrew Retfalvy. In 1970, he purchased a property known as the Douglastown Airfield (now closed) near the city of Miramichi, from James R. Seel, who operated a licensed air service with this TBM, CF-ZTA.

Aerial spray program – NB
1971, 1972 – Pilot Retfalvy. 1973, 1974 – Pilot McBride.
Crashed 21 July 1974, Sevogle NB, after hitting the slipstream of the preceding aircraft on a turn. Pilot Merrill McBride was killed.

Miramichi Air Service #716 FZTA in 1972. [Merrill McBride collection]
Miramichi Air Service #716 FZTA in 1972. [Merrill McBride collection]
Nose of #716 FZTA, 1972. [Merrill McBride collection]
Miramichi Air Service #716 FZTA in Charlottetown, 18 September 1973. [Barrie MacLeod]
Miramichi Air Service #716 FZTA wreckage near Sevogle, NB, July 1974. [Dave Ray]

2 thoughts on “CF-ZTA / Miramichi #716 / Bu# 53351

  1. I don’t know if anyone is still “manning” this site but I hope so.
    Many , many years ago I knew Janie and Andy Haden through his brother George.
    I have wonderful memories of NB and would love to catch up if you can pass on this message.
    Thanks Linda Gallagher

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