CF-ZYB / Hicks & Lawrence #19 / Bu# 53256

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. TBM-3. Construction #: 3318
Aerial Applicators, Salt Lake City, UT, #D19, N9592C, 1963-1970.

Aerial Applicators TBM#19 N9592C_4Aug1966_SaltLakeCityNV_NA3T-AG02844
TBM #D19, with short canopy, at Salt Lake City, Utah, 4 August 1966. [NA3T Archive of Transport Travel and Trade]

 Hicks & Lawrence Ltd., St. Thomas, ON
#19 CF-ZYB 1971-1975

1971 – FZYB was scheduled to come to NB but crashed 1 June 1971 during a practice flight north of Dryden, Ontario. [Don Henry] The pilot was Clarence “Clare” Syme of Abbotsford, B.C. See the article about this crash in the Ottawa Citizen. A 2011 post to a geocaching site ( turned up four images of the crash site and wreck and on the second page, an aerial photo of the precise location of the wreck/geocache site.

FZYB H&L #19-Picture 001
H&L #19 crash site nw of Dryden, Ontario. Images posted by Bill Brisson 12 June 2011 to

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