C-GLEM N9597C / Johnson/FPL #D6 #A16 #A6 #6 / Bu# 85499

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. TBM-3. Construction number 2318.
Calvin J. Butler, Redmond, OR, 1963. Registered as N9597C.

Johnson Flying Service, Missoula, MT
#D6 / #A16 N9597C 1966-1974

Aerial Spray Program -NB, Newfoundland

Flying as #D6
1969 – Flew in NB and Newfoundland. Pilot Bill Deming. 1970 – Pilot Bill Deming. Barrie MacLeod tallied N9597C, #D6, at the Fredericton airport, 25 May 1970. 1971, 1972 –  Pilot Deming.

Flying as #A16
1974 – A renumbered #A16 was one of seven TBMs Johnson Flying Service sold to FPL in 1974-1975.

Forest Protection Limited, Fredericton, NB
#A6 / #6 C-GLEM 1974-1985

Aerial Spray Program – NB
1974 – FPL purchased GLEM in 1974 from Johnson Flying Service, Missoula, Montana, then dry leased it from Evergreen Air Services of Montreal. Did not fly in NB in 1974. 1975 – Dry leased from Evergreen Air Services. Pilot Archer. In late June of 1975, FPL provided GLEM and two other TBMs to the NB Department of Natural Resources for fire bombing.

TBM fleet (12 of 19) at Deer Lake NF, 1969
Johnson TBM #D6 (large number), part of a group of 19 TBMs that flew in Newfoundland in 1969. Location is Deer Lake airport.
Close-up of Johnson #D6 N9597C at Dunphy, NB, 1969.

Johnson TBM #D6 N9597C at Deer Lake, NF, 1969. [Steve Holmes]
Johnson #A16 N9597C, Missoula, MT. [The National Archive of Transport Travel and Trade]
Johnson TBM#A16_MissoulaMT_May1973_JSherlock
Jay Sherlock posted this image of #A16 with its wings folded, in Montana, May 1973. [Scalefirebombers]
1976 – Dry leased from Evergreen Air Services. Pilot Oswald. Forced Landing 23 May 1976 AM. TBM #A6 C-GLEM piloted by Ronald Houghton and owned by FPL (out of Dunphy Airstrip) developed a drop in oil pressure and a loss of power. Part way back to Dunphy, the pilot elected to make a forced landing on Highway 123 about 4 miles south of Doaktown. The landing was successful and the aircraft was not damaged. The engine was replaced and the Avenger flown back to Dunphy.

1977 – Pilot Houghton. 1978 – Flew as #A6. Pilots Porter and Garon. Repainted and renumbered (to #6) to fleet standard (FPL colours) after 4 July, 1978.

1979 – Pilot McLean. Crashed 28 May 1979 0900 h. TBM GLEM owned by FPL and piloted by Robert McLean of St. Albert, Alberta, caught fire when returning empty from a spray mission and ditched in the Salmon River 10 miles northeast of Chipman. The pilot was not injured. The aircraft was considered a write-off for insurance purposes. The aircraft was removed from the river, towed to Fredericton and later Brockway Airstrip, then junked [Don Henry].

Johnson/FPL TBM #A6 possibly in NB in 1974, courtesy Don Enlow.
GLEM #A6 at Fredericton, 11 August, 1975. This Avenger is still in its American colors, and Barrie MacLeod was able read the U.S. registration N9597C under the white paint. [Barrie MacLeod]
TBM #A6 airborne in 1975 (taken from a poster).
TBM #A6 in June 1978 before repainting and renumbering to #6. The avenger is undergoing an engine change.
GLEM #A6 at Fredericton, August 1978.

The crash

Accident report for GLEM. [courtesy Barrie MacLeod]
FPL TBM #6 in the Salmon River (from a newspaper article).
The Daily Gleaner article dated 29 May 1979, describing the crash of FPL’s TBM #6. The Avenger pictured is Skyway #601 FIMI and is included as an example of what a TBM looks like.
TBM#6 crash site in Salmon R_JVanGerven
TBM #6 crash site in the Salmon River. [J. VanGerven]
Damage to fuselage.

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