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Air Britain Photographic Images Collection – Warbirds

A British site that contains almost 8000 aircraft images.

Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum

ACAM is located on Highway 102 opposite the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Enfield, Nova Scotia.

Canadian Aviation Historical Society

This group comprises members dedicated to preserving Canada’s aviation heritage. The CAHS publishes The CAHS Journal four times a year.

Canadian Civil Aircraft Register

The official Government of Canada – Transport Canada site containing all aspects of civil aviation.

Canadian Military Aircraft Serial Numbers

A site whose goal is to identify every serial number and to uncover the history of every Canadian military aircraft. Operated by Bill Walker.

CANAV Books – Canada’s Aviation Heritage Publisher

Canada’s aviation history publisher, operated by Larry Milberry, contains a goldmine of historic information.

Geoff Goodall’s Aviation History Site

Australian Geoff Goodall is the co-author (with John Chapman) of the Warbirds Worldwide Directory, published in softcover up until recently. The online directory comprises many downloadable PDF’s, including one for Grumman.

Historic CCAR

Dedicated to the memory of the late Mike Ody, this site is attempting to list all known Canadian aircraft registrations.

NA3T Transport Images

The National Archive of Transport Travel and Trade (NA3T) is a British archive of all kinds of transportation images. Navigating to their “Air Photos” section and searching for “Avengers” will bring up more than 60 black-and-white images. These are available for purchase as prints or digital files. Many of the images in this project were purchased from NA3T as digital files.

Shearwater Aviation Museum – Nova Scotia

The Shearwater Aviation Museum Library & Archives is located on Bonaventure Ave. at 12 Wing Shearwater, Nova Scotia. It houses over 13,000 documents including books, periodicals, photographs, technical manuals, newspaper clippings, blueprints, maps, videocassettes, artwork, memorabilia, and other archival documents. Most of the Library and Archives’ holdings document Canadian Maritime Military Aviation and its history.

The aircraft collection contains one RCN Avenger, BuNo 85861.

The Sevogle Times

A chatty site that is chock full of details and anecdotes relating to TBM Avengers and their pilots, maintained by a former FPL pilot. Sevogle was one of the major airstrips used by Avengers in New Brunswick.

US FAA N-Number Inquiry

A page where you can plug in an N-number and receive available details.

US Navy and US Marine Corps BuNos Third Series (50360 to 60009)

A list and brief description, created by Joe Baugher, of most of the Bureau Numbers associated with this collection of Avengers.

Warbird Registry

The Warbird Registry’s list of Avengers by BuNo was a major source of information for this project. In fact, the entire project and basic layout were modeled after their entries and description of each aircraft. The parent group is the Warbirds Resource Group, which is a database of aircraft from the world wars that were or are used in commercial service today. The site also includes an online discussion group, the Warbirds Information Exchange (WIX). This project is not intended to replace what the WRG has accomplished, but primarily presents FPL’s experience and point of view, with some extra stuff thrown in.


“Flying Flit Guns” Fight Tropic Bugs, p. 210-21. Naval Aviation News (Restricted), July 1946.

Canadian Military Aircraft Serials and Photographs 1920-1968. Griffin, J.A. 1969. Publication No. 69-2, Canadian War Museum, National Museum of Man, Ottawa, Canada.

History of Aviation in the BC Forest Service: A pictorial account for the BCFS Centennial. Part 2 : Air Tanker Operations. Bell, Gord. 2011. 30 pp. pdf.

Aerial Control of Forest Insects in Canada. 1975. M.L. Prebble (ed.). Dept. of the Environment, Ottawa, Canada. 330 pages. Out of print. [A review of control projects employing chemical and biological insecticides in Canada.] Includes:

  • Application Technology. Randall, A.P. 1975. [An overview of aircraft and equipment used in aerial application in Canada; includes 9 pages of photos.] (pages 34-44)
  • Aerial Control Operations against the Spruce Budworm in New Brunswick, 1952-1973. Miller, C.A. and Kettela, E.G. (pages 94-97)
  • Western Black-headed Budworm (Acleris gloverana (Wals.). Lejeune, R.R. 1975. [Mentions the early use of TBMs in British Columbia (1957 and 1960).] (pages 159-166)

Spraying Program Uses New Techniques. Brown, David A. 1964. May 18, 1964, Aviation Week & Space Technology (under the section Business Flying).

Canadian Use of Aircraft for Plant Protection. Estey, R.H. 2004. Phytoprotection.
[Abstract: Since 1912, Canadians have used aircraft as aids in the protection of field crops, orchards, and forests from the ravages of fungi, insects, frost, and fire. At first, only fixed-wing aircraft could be used, but from 1947 both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft have been employed. This review also relates the involvement of pioneering people and companies that have developed aerial control methods against biotic and abiotic agents damaging to our plants.]

Warbirds Worldwide Directory. An International Survey of the World’s Warbird Population, Past and Present. John Chapman and Geoff Goodall. Edited by Paul A. Coggin. 1989.

Forest protection against the spruce budworm in New Brunswick: An aerial applicator’s perspective. Irving, H.J. and F.E. Webb. 1981. Pulp & Paper Canada, January 1981, pp. 3-8.

The Grumman Avenger in the Royal Canadian Navy. Leo Pettipas, 1988.

Wings of the Forest Service. William T. Larkins and Rick Turner, 2011, Warbirds International, Vol. 30 (1):6-19.

Aviation in Canada. Milberry, Larry. 1979. McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited. 272 pp.

Fly The Biggest Piece Back. Smith, Steve L. 1979 (revised ed. 1988). The Museum of Mountain Flying in co-operation with Pictorial Histories Publishing Company, Inc., Missoula, Montana. 310 pp. [Fourth printing with 30 new photos]

Can Science Save the Spruce? The Star Weekly, 18 August 1962).

An Avenger of Fate. Warbirds Worldwide, No. 36, p. 49-52. [Meyer tells the story of N4171A’s restoration in great detail.]

The Aerial War against Eastern Region Forest Insects, 1921 – 86. Donna M. Paananen, Richard F. Fowler and Louis F. Wilson. 1987. Journal of Forest History 31 (4):173-186.

Sources and References

Forest Protection Limited

Forest Protection Limited has an extensive archive of files and images dating from 1950. At one point I was asked to digitize the image archive, which eventually resulted in this obsession with the history of the Stearmans (coming later) and Avengers. FPL management and staff were also helpful. FPL Annual Reports also were a major source of information, especially those from 1975 on during Bud Irving’s tenure as General Manager.

Interim Report – 1964 Forest Spraying Program. Flieger, B.W. 1964. July 22, 1964. Montreal Que. 3 pp. + appendices.

A new method for guiding spray aircraft. Flieger, B.W. 1964. Bi-monthly Progress Report 20 (1): 2 pp.

Forest Protection Limited: Company Organization and Background. Flieger, B.W. 1975. July 31, 1975. 7 pp.

A history of Forest Protection Limited (1952-1992) to protect the forests. Seto, William. 1995? Unpublished report to FPL.

Individual Photographers

Several individuals have posted images to various sites on the Web; some of their images have been used (with permission). They are:

Eric Dumigan has some nice images of Avengers in British Columbia at AIRIC.

Ron Dupas at

August Horvath at

William T. Larkins, Jay Sherlock and others at Scalefirebombers. This site is down for the moment, but we hope it will start up again.

Ruud Leeuw at

Forest Protection Limited Alumni. This facebook site is populated by former FPL employees and a few others. I have obtained much information and many images from people who were actually there during the budworm spray seasons.

TBM’s – Mil & Civ. A Facebook site frequented by many TBM Avenger enthusiasts.

FPL Disclaimer Statement for this Website

Information presented on this website is considered to be within the public domain (unless otherwise noted) and may be freely distributed or copied. Images not tagged with a credit are from the FPL files and are considered to be FPL property. Use of appropriate byline/photo/image credit, whether FPL or otherwise, is requested. FPL welcomes suggestions on how to improve this information and correct errors. Although every attempt to provide accurate information has been conducted, FPL provides no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the furnished data.

© Christopher Adam, 2014

Every attempt has been made to contact the photographers of images used in the project. Please accept our apologies if anyone has been missed. Contact the author if you would like to confirm permission.

Content Disclaimer

All information provided in this site is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute a legal contract between FPL and any person or entity unless otherwise specified. Information on this site is subject to modification without prior notice. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, FPL makes no guarantees of any kind.

Link Disclaimer

Some of the documents on this server may contain live references to information created and maintained by other organizations. Please note that FPL does not control and cannot guarantee the relevance, timeliness, or accuracy of these outside materials.

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  1. Thank you so much for your help!
    Could you direct me to where I would find comments written in his log book after the crash?

  2. Hello
    I am trying to find information on my Father, Robert Karl Smeed.
    His plane crashed in Quebec during a Budworm aerial demonstration in 1972 while flying for Conair. I’m not sure if I am on the right website however I would appreciate any information and/or direction on where I should go fro here.
    Thank you
    Karen Dutton

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