N7031C / Airway #111 / Bu# 53484

Warbird Registry Info.

Early History

United States Navy. TBM-3E. Construction #: 3546.

Airway Inc, Yakima, WA
#111 N7031C 1963-1970

Aerial Spray Program – NB, Newfoundland
1968 – Flew probably in NB and Newfoundland, based on the caption on the slide (see figure below). Both provinces undertook extensive spraying operations that year. 1969 – Flew in Newfoundland and NB. Pilot Roberts. 1970 – Flew out of Chipman NB. Pilot Gunns.

Crashed 21 June 1970, St. Martins, NB. After a reported oil leak and an attempt to reach Saint John airport, the TBM was seen to go out of control, crash in timber and burn. Pilot Gunns, from Yakima, WA, was killed. [FPL report, Forest Spraying Operations – 1970] St. Martins is located on the Bay of Fundy in St. John County, southern NB.


Airway N7031C with #111 on the tail, with JD Irving #508 FIMO at rear, Dunphy airstrip, NB, 1968.


Airway TBM #111 N7031C, Deer Lake NF, 1969. [S.E. Holmes]


12 of 19 TBMs at Deer Lake airport, NF, 1969. The two yellow and black aircraft, one in the last row and one way at the back, are N7031C and N7032C, but which one is which cannot be determined.


N7031C with no tail number, presumably in the US, no date. [Richard W. Kamm via August Horvath]


Crash site of N7031C, near St. Martins NB, 1970.


NTSB accident report.

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