N6447C / Stewart #– / Bu# 53575

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Early History

United States Navy. 1945 Grumman TBM-3E. Construction #: 3637.
Sonora Aviation Inc, Tucson, AZ/Carson City, NV, 1963-1969. Registered as N6447C. Flew as tanker #C47. Forced landing, wheels-up, near Beowawe, NV, September 18, 1964. Suffered substantial damage while firefighting.

N6477C crash_18Sep1964_BeowaweNV
Capitol Aire Inc, Carson City, NV, 1972.
Craig Aero Service, Buttonwillow, CA, 1977.

TBM N6447C_Jul1971_JSherlock
N6447C at Carson City, Nevada, July 1971, probably Capitol Aire Inc. [Jay Sherlock, Scalefirebombers]
Probably Capitol Aire Inc, Carson City, NV, 1973. [Ron’s Archive]
Probably Craig Aero Service, Buttonwillow, CA. [Martin Kyburz, Swiss Mustangs]

Stewart Aviation Ltd., Moses Lake, WA
#xx N6447C 1978-1985

Designated as “47C” in the FPL working pilot/team lists.

Aerial Spray Program – NB
1981 – Pilot Harbison. 1982 – Pilot Craig.

Posted by John W. Wood to FPL Alumni 14-15 July 2014.
This is the only image I have of “47C” flying in New Brunswick. Posted by TBM pilot John W. Wood to FPL Alumni 14-15 July 2014.

 Post-spray History

Northwest Warbirds Inc, Kimberley, ID, 1986-1987.
Jack A. Erickson, Central Point, OR, Aug. 10, 1988-2002. Loaned to Tillamook Air Museum Tillamook, OR, 1997-2002.
See Aerial Visuals for further details.

One thought on “N6447C / Stewart #– / Bu# 53575

  1. Aircraft was traded to Lone Star Flight Museum in October 2017, and is currently part of the museum collection at the new museum in Houston, Texas.

    – Stewart W. Bailey, Curator, Lone Star Flight Museum

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