N3967A / Stewart #– / Bu# 53835

Warbird Registry Info.

Early History

United States Navy. 1945 Grumman TBM-3U. Construction #: 3897.
Nevadair, Tonopah, NV, 1963-1969. Registered as N3967A.
Charlie T. Jensen, Tonopah, NV, 1972.
Maynard Lund, Ritzville, WA, 1978.

N3967A Jensen_RitzvilleWA_22May78

N3967A when owned by Charles Jensen. Posted by Dan Dinneen to TBM’s – Mil & Civil on 2 Dec 2015. TBM3U as a sprayer Ritzville, WA, May 22 I believe 1978.

Stewart Aviation Ltd., Moses Lake, WA
#– N3967A 1978?-1984?

Designated as “67A” in the FPL working pilot/team lists.

Aerial Spray Program – NB
1982 – Pilot Watson.

Post-spray History

Skarda Flying Service, Hazen, AR, Jan. 17, 1984-2002. Flown as 53835/GS-41.

Charles Lynch, Greenwich, CT, November 2012-2013.

N3967A Skarda FS #41 Arizona 1980s.jpg

“N3967A #41 when owned by Skarda. Here is a picture of 538535 from her “working days” before restoration. Bob Russell owned the plane before me and he might have information on the restoration.” This magazine page was sent to me by current owner Charles R. Lynch. Warbirds International.

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