N6825C / Cal-Nat/Hemet Valley #E37 / Bu# 85883

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. TBM-3E. Construction #: 2702.
Ralph M. Ponte, Visalia, CA, 1963-1966. Registered as N6825C. Operated by Cal-Nat Airways, Grass Valley, CA, 1963-1967. Flew as tanker #E37.


Cal-Nat Airways TBM #E37, 1960s, probably at Grass Valley, CA. Colour scheme is silver/yellow. [National Archive of Travel, Transport and Trade]


Cal-Nat Airways TBM #E37, 1960s. [W.T. Larkins]


Cal-Nat Airways TBM #E37, 1960s. [W.T. Larkins]

Hemet Valley Flying Service, Hemet, CA
#E37 N6825C 1969-1972

Aerial Spray Program – NB
1971 – Flew as #37. Pilot Payton.

Crashed 4 September 1971, pilot Richard Ranck was dropping Firetrol retardant on fire near Placerville, CA, when the air tanker collided with trees and crashed. Richard Ranck did not survive. NTSB Report.


Bill Larkins posted this image of N6825C at Scalefirebombers.


Jay Sherlock posted this image of N6825C in CA in its orange HVFS colour at Scalefirebombers, dated July 1971, around the time it flew in New Brunswick.

One response to “N6825C / Cal-Nat/Hemet Valley #E37 / Bu# 85883

  1. http://www.wlfalwaysremember.org/incident-lists/696-richard-ranck.html
    Pilot Richard Ranck died in the crash of this airtanker on September 4, 1971.

    Sort on TBM for the LODDs of TBM pilots.in the US that I’ve been able to find.

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