N9586Z / Hillcrest #A9 / Bu# 85886

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. 1945 Grumman TBM-3E manufactured by Eastern Aircraft. Construction #: 2705. Phil Schmidt has compiled a military history of 85886 on his Facebook page.
Cisco Aircraft Inc, Lancaster, CA, 1963. Registered as N9586Z.
Loening Air Inc, Boise, ID, 1966.

Hillcrest TBM#A9 85886 USN card
USN card for 85886 obtained by Phil Schmidt.
TBM N9596Z, probably by W.T. Larkins.

Hillcrest Aircraft, Lewiston, ID
#A9 N9586Z 1969-1972

Aerial Spray Program – NB
1971 – Pilot Reid.

“The one photo I am submitting of #A9 was when it was ready for delivery I believe to NB. I recall “Gunnar” [Anderson, Master Mechanic at Hillcrest’s Clarkston, WA, overhaul facility] leaving to take a trip to Canada for a few days then. To my recent surprise I think that is him standing in the center with the green jacket/pants in [the] photo in front of #A9 then in Dunphy, NB [below]. Can’t see his face, but for sure that was his stance and haircut!” (Personal communication from Phil Schmidt; see more details in “Companies that provided Aircraft”)

Image submitted by Phil Schmidt in 2010 of #A9 at Hillcrest’s Clarkston, WA, overhaul facility.

Hillcrest #A9 N9586Z in New Brunswick, (probably) 1971. [Merrill McBride collection]
Hillcrest #A9 N9586Z in parking area at Dunphy airstrip, NB, possibly 1971. The TBM at right is Aircraft Specialties N9590Z TBM #C25. [Merrill McBride collection]

Post-spray History

G&M Investments, Lewiston, ID, 1972.
Craig Aero Service, Buttonwillow, CA, 1975-1977. Forced landing, wheels-up, while spraying tomato crop, near Winters, CA, May 23, 1975.
Ralph M. Ponte, Grass Valley, CA, 1978.
Joe Dulvick, 1980-1981.
Jack L. Kelley, Dallas, TX, 1983-1988.
Jeff Clyman/TBF Inc/POB Inc, Tenafly, NJ, 1990-2003. Flies as USN/85886/SL-401/Yankee Gal.

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