N6827C / Stewart #– #58 / Bu# 91110

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. TBM-3E. Construction #: 4015
TBM Inc, Tulare, CA, 1963-1972. Registered as N6827C. Flown as #E58.
Hillcrest Aircraft, Lewiston, ID, 1977-1978.

N6827C TBM Inc #58
A rare image of a TBM Inc. Avenger. Posted 21 Nov 14 by Dan Dineen to TBMs – Mil & Civil.

TBM Inc. N6827C in Santa Barbara, California, September 1969. [Jay Sherlock, Scalefirebombers]
Hillcrest N6827C #58 in 1974. [Martin Kyburz, Swiss Mustangs]

Stewart Aviation Ltd., Moses Lake, WA #– N6827C 1978-1984

Designated as “27C” in the FPL working pilot/team lists.

Aerial Spray Program – NB
1981 – Pilot Muszala.

Forced landing 20 June 1981, approx. 4:30 PM. N6827C was released from the spray project in late June of 1981. Pilot Muszala decided to fly home but the TBM developed engine problems and force landed on the Trans Canada Highway west of Fredericton, near Davidson Lake. The pilot moved the aircraft to the mouth of a nearby driveway. A few days later, staff from Woodlands Aviation towed it to FPL in Fredericton where the engine was replaced. The pilot was able to fly out without any more problems.

1982 – Pilot Potter.

TBM N6827C at Woodlands Aviation (FPL), June 1981, after being towed from forced landing site on the Trans Canada Highway.
N6827C Stewart
Walt Baumgarner of Stewart Aviation submitted this image of 27C spraying in 1986 in the Palouse Area of Idaho to Aviation Enthusiast Corner. It is sporting the same paint job as the 1981 image above.

Post-spray History

This aircraft has an incredible post-spray history: it has bounced from the US to the UK, then New Zealand and finally to Australia.

Paramount Leasing Corp, Bakerfield, CA, 1984.
Gro Pro Corp, Oklahoma City, OK, 1986-1988.
Merlin Aire Ltd, King City, PA, 1988-1992. Operated by Ray Hanna/Old Flying Machine Co, Duxford, 1988-1992. Shipped to UK, May 12, 1988. Flew as USN/X-2.
Alpine Fighter Collection, Wanaka, NZ, 1992. Delivered from Duxford to Ipswichm Oct. 1, 1992. Shipped to New Zealand.
Alpine Deer Group/Alpine Fighter Collection, Wanaka, Vov. 1992-1998. Registered as ZK-TBM. Flew as RNZAF/NZ2518.
Randal W. McFarlane, Brisbane, Queensland, May 1999. Delivered from NZ to Toowoomba, Queensland, arrived May 6, ,1999.
Randal W. McFarlane/Malitone Pty, Ltd, Clayfield, Queensland, Australia, June 25, 1999-2002. Registered as VH-TBM. Based at Archerfield Airport, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Now flies in scheme of VT-83/309/USS Essex.
Steve Searle/Wirraway Aviation Museum, Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia, 2010.

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