N3251G Johnson #A15 / Bu# 91398

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. TBM-3. Construction #: 4303.

91398 R-156_NAR NewYorkNY_1948
US Navy Avenger 156 at the Naval Air Reserve (NAR) New York in 1948, as identified by the BuNo  91398 on the tail. Source not known.

Johnson Flying Service, Missoula, MT
#A15 N3251G 1963-1970

Aerial Spray Program – NB, Newfoundland
1966 – Pilot Shaughnessy. 1967-1968 – Probably did not fly in NB. 1969 – Flew in NB and Newfoundland. Pilot Bob Graves. 1970 – Barrie MacLeod tallied N3251G, #A15, at the Fredericton airport, 25 May 1970. Pilot Bob Graves.

1970 – Crashed 29 May 1970 on takeoff at Dunphy airstrip, Upper Blackville, NB, on the right side of the takeoff runway. Pilot Bob Graves was unhurt, but the aircraft was destroyed and burned. The cause was heavy frost on the right wing (left wing was OK). The Department of Transport accident card reads as follows: “A/c loaded 0610. Start-up and taxi normal. Pilot noticed that frost existed over right wing. Take-off normal to 70 knots. At lift-off, right wing dropped, pilot unable to bring wing up although full aileron applied. Right wing tip struck ground and a/c cartwheeled. Throttle at T/O power throughout ride at 47″ (2800 RPM).” Damage was substantial.


Johnson #A15 probably in the early 1960s. [The National Archive of Transport Travel and Trade]
Johnson #A15 at Deer Lake, Newfoundland, July 1969. On the right is Johnson #A11 N7014C (later GLEP) and on the left is Johnson #D6 N9597C, comprising the Billy Goat team. [Steve Holmes]
Johnson #A15 at Deer Lake, Newfoundland, 1969. [Steve Holmes]

TBM fleet (12 of 19) at Deer Lake NF, 1969
Johnson TBM #A15 N3251G is in the second row at left. This is a group of 12 (of 19) TBMs that flew in Newfoundland in 1969. Location is Deer Lake airport.
Johnson TBM #A15 N3251G crash site, Dunphy NB, May 1970.

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