N9433Z / Stewart #– / Bu# 91586

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. 1957 Grumman TBM-3E. Construction #: 4491
Sonora Flying Service, Columbia, CA, 1963-1964. Registered as N9433Z. Flew as tanker #C56.
Sonora Aviation Inc, Tucson/Carson City, NV, 1966-1969. Damaged during wheels up landing, Carson City, NV, May 27, 1967. See NTSB document below.
Capitol Aire Inc, Carson City, NV, 1970-1972. Flew as tanker #56.
Craig Aero Service, Buttonwillow, CA, 1977.

N9433Z Craig Aero TBM#--_ButtonwillowCA-DonFelton
These photos of BuNo 91586 were taken at Shafter California in 1980 (bottom) and at Buttonwillow Dusters in 1978 (top.) Photos by Don Felton. Posted to Fire Bombers by Steve Zuger, 31 May 2014.
Accident report
NTSB accident report, 1967.

N9433Z at Carson City, Nevada, July 1971. [Jay Sherlock, Scalefirebombers]
TBM#56 N9433Z BuNo91586_MindenNV_13Sep1973
N9433Z at Minden, Nevada, 13 September 1973. [Ron Olsen, ronsarchive.com]
TBM#E56 N9433Z #E59 N9591C_SeagullSOC
TBMs #E56 N9433Z and #E59 N9591C, location and date not known. [W.T. Larkins]

Stewart Aviation Ltd., Moses Lake, WA
#– N9433Z 1977?-1984

Designated as “33Z” in the FPL working pilot/team lists.

Aerial Spray Program – NB
1981 – Pilots Bumgarner and Cusic. 1982 – Pilot Cusic.

Post-spray History

Northwest Warbirds Inc, Kimberly, ID, 1986.
Friends of Long Island Heritage, Muttontown, NY, 1987-1991. Restored for static display by Grumman, Bethpage, NY, 1988-1990.
Cradle of Aviation Museum, Garden City, NY, 1991-2002. Displayed as VMTB-624/”113″. An image of their presumed Avenger is here, although it is not identified.

The story of Avenger 91586 is told in an article called “Fire Birds” in D.O.M. (Director of Maintenance), 1 October 2014, written by Giacinta Bradley Koontz.

For more information, see Aerial Visuals.

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