N9429Z / Reeder #57 / Bu# 91714

Warbird Registry
Aerial Visuals

Early History

United States Navy. Grumman TBM-3E. Construction #: 4619.

Reeder Flying Service, Twin Falls, ID
#57 N9429Z 1963-1984

Flew as #E51 (later #D12 and #57).

Aerial Spray Program – NB
1971 – Pilot Bob Graves.

TBM #57 N9429Z taxiing to the pits from the parking area for loading, 1971, Dunphy, NB. [Merrill McBride collection]

Post-spray History

Charles T. Reeder, Twin Falls, ID, 1988-1991.
Jack S. Miller, Buchanan, TN, June 29, 1991-1999.
Edward R. Miller, Buchanan, TC, Jan. 14, 1999.
Wes Stricker, Columbia, MO, Dec. 2, 1999-2002.

This unmarked Avenger has been finally identified as N9429Z. Its location is Waldenburg, Arkansas, in the spring of 1993. [George Singleton, posted to Warbird Information Exchange (WIX)]
According to the WIX Archives, a member (bdk) solved the mystery of the Avenger pictured above in a post titled Arkansas TBM mystery solved! Attn: Scott, registry update… [Posted by bdk on Wed Jul 16, 2003, included below]

On Monday I flew to Little Rock and then drove to Weiner, Arkansas (near Waldenburg), about a five hour drive round trip. This was the the site of a derelict TBM, last reported and photographed there in August 1994 by George Singleton. It turns out that the TBM was only trucked away last January! [2002?] It was located on Sally Wofford Airport (8M2).

I drove up to a hangar on the airfield, noting an SUV with a Warbirds of America sticker on it. Upon inquiring, I met Tom Wofford, owner of the airport (named after his wife). It turns out that he actually flew the aircraft last when it was ferried from Idaho in about 1984. He even had in flight photos since he and a friend flew two TBM’s back and took some snapshots along the way.

The person who had purchased the TBM (for $60k), had asked Tom and a friend to help restore it. As the aircraft got closer to flying, the owner seemed to come by less frequently- there was a thought that maybe he was afraid that he might have to fly it! Eventually this person got sick (and later died) and the aircraft was sold. It was recently resold to Wes Stricker and was moved to Columbia, Missouri in January. The N-number is 9429Z Bu. No. 91714. The FAA record already reflects this change.

N9429Z WeinerAZ 1990s-1
Michael Bond posted these two images to TBM’s – Mil & Civil and asked if anyone knew the identity of this aircraft. I was able to refer him to the description above from WIX, thus answering his question.”I took this in the early 90’s in (hold the laughs) Weiner, AR. If you look close, you can see the remnants of red paint on the nose ring. Also faded yellow rudder & faded yellow paint on pitot tube strut. Unfortunately, all other markings, paint and i.d. numbers had by then [been] stripped off.” [Posted by Michael Bond to TBM’s – Mil & Civil 23 Aug 2015.]

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